• How to register?
    You will need to complete the registration form with your team details and introduction. Only shortlisted teams will be invited to join.
  • When will the hackathon take place?
    The event will be held between 1 to 7 July 2023.
  • What are the time zones that the hackathon will take place in? :
    The hackathon will take place on Malaysian Standard Time (MST) which is GMT +8.
  • Is it open to non-Malaysian?
    Yes, this is an open event to everyone.
  • Do we need to attend the event in person?
    No, this is a virtual event hackathon.
  • What are the costs for participating?
    This event is completely free for all eligible participants.
  • How big can our team be?
    We have set the requirement that each team will need to consist at least of (3) three members and a maximum of (6) members.
  • How will we submit/present our work?
    For the first stage, we will review your idea submitted via a presentation deck. The full list of problem statements will be made available on 1 June 2023. Shortlisted teams progressing through the second stage need to develop a working prototype and pitch it on during the final round.
  • How will the evaluation for the 1st stage be done?
    A group of mentors will review your presentation deck based on feasibility, innovative and effectiveness aspects.
  • How are the winners selected?
    Winners are selected via a jury of judges through a rating system that is based on several criteria: Design, Simplicity, Features, Originality, Market Readiness, Innovation and Usefulness.
  • Is there any support such as mentoring and technical assistance provided?
    Teams shortlisted to progress to the second stage will develop working prototypes while seeking advice from our group of mentors who are experts in the fields of analytics and AML/CTF.
  • Do we need to develop a prototype for submission of entry?
    Development of prototypes will only begin during the second stage.
  • Do we need to submit a video pitch for the initial submission?
    Each team is required to submit pitch decks based on a template that will be provided upon successful registration.
  • Can a team solve multiple problem statements?
    Each team may solve a maximum of two problem statements.
  • Can a participant represent more than one group?
  • Will participating teams get participation certificates?
    Yes, participating teams who have met the full submission criteria and provided us their full registration details, will be issued an e-certificate of participation.
  • Who will keep the intellectual property of my solution?
    The team that develops the project is the owner of the intellectual property and project.

AML/CFT Hackathon 2023

Organised by Bank Negara Malaysia in Strategic Partnership with the Financial Intelligence Consultative Group, a collective regional body, consisting of heads and senior representatives of FIUs from ASEAN, New Zealand and Australia.

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